Reverb Time Meter

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With this simple method you can measure the reverberation time (RT60) of any room easily and quickly.

Reverb time is perfect for sound technicians, sound engineers and musicians who want to calculate the reverberation time using a fast and accurate algorithm.

All you need to calculate the reverb time is:

– Reverb Time Meter installed in your device.
– Generate a short impulsive sound such as hard slap.

With this application you can not only calculate the reverberation time (RT60) of the room, but can also see graphically how the sound energy is extinguished.

To ensure a good reverb time measurement, generate a high intensity sound and let the reverb sound for 2 or 3 seconds.

Reverb time meter app allow you:

– See the energy evolution.
– See the section used for analysis.
– Clipping indicator in the measure (it is advisable to go away from the microphone).
– Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) indicator (it is advisable to generate a hig intensity test noise).



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